Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4th: Introducing the team

And we're off! Today we spent about 27 hours in transit including flights, layovers and bus rides and we are still not at our final destination of Udaipur!! We still can't believe we are in Delhi feasting at the airport McDonald's on wait for it...mcpaneers! Yes, ladies and gents, India has mcpaneers.

We thought we would take the time in this first post to not only rave about the mcpaneer (which we'll be lobbying for back in Canada), but also introduce you to our team, who is getting close already. Our lovely team consists of 5 girls and one guy who is either err very lucky or...very unlucky, though we definitely think he is very lucky. Everyone, meet our dream team...

The team (from left to right): Vita, Ana, Vienna, Mariana, Eunice, and Vikas

1. Vikas: the sole bachelor of the trip and of Indian descent, this guy exudes cool strolling down the streets. Ladies, he looks like a local! All the way from Prince Rupert, he is bound to be a future MD reading casual lit on Harvard's healthy food and drink research as we board the plane. Our translator and cultural encyclopedia, the ladies are lucky to have Vikas!

2. Vienna: a Toronto native, this gal is THE most talented packer by far, weighing under any of our luggage with just two pairs of pants in addition to other needs. She is fearless launching for the spicy mcpaneer at McDonald's. A rowing superstar, we know she'll be laying down the most bricks this trip! Fun fact, her uncle works with Jackie Chan. No joke, this gal is one cool cat.

3. Ana: world traveller, this gal is visiting Eastern Canada followed by parts of Europe and then Mexico before heading back to U.B.C... and all after India!!! Crazy!!! Nothing fazes her, even when her shampoo explodes through half her luggage, she is calm. We're lucky to have this travel savvy gal.

4. Mariana: growing up in Mexico, this gal moved to Vancouver about ten years ago. Fluent en espanol, Mariana, is ready for anything and most excited to see the wondrous Taj Mahal. We will be keeping a record of the many sounds that she uses to communicate ideas, along with their translations.

5. Eunice: a talented writer, Eunice may very well be our resident blogger for our trip, beginning with her debut post: this one! Her wide smiles and wide camera lens will serve us well. Fun fact: Eunice went to preschool in Malaysia so she is well accustomed to the heat.

6. Vita: Last, but not least, our fearless leader Vita is responsible for guiding us through the entirety of the trip. First aid kit in hand, Aladdin pants on, this leader is ready for an adventure. After a trip with DWC to Nepal, she is a veteran to volunteering with DWC and keeping up team spirits! We're in such good hands.

So there you have it, a little intro to the team that will be spending the next month near Udaipur looking to help construct a women's washroom.

Until our next post. Namaste.
Much love from Delhi.

Eunice Hii
DWC U30 Participants
Udaipur, India: May 2014

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