Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oct 23rd: Progress on the Project

Breakfast at 7:30am; toast, eggs and vegetable sliders. 20 minute drive out to work site. Bill, Russ, Justin and Victor having bets on how many times the driver will honk his horn during the trip to the site- Bill won 162 times!! (this is at other cars, trucks, bikes, cows, goats, sheep, people walking, buses, etc.) Progress on the water retention dam is going very well; villagers did a whole lot after we left yesterday. Today we carried rocks and pans of concrete mix until 11am then visited a local school with formal introductions, welcoming remarks, and recitals by students. Many parents came to watch and listen. Communication is difficult as English is not spoken here but we are having a great time with sign language, learning a few words and lots of laughter. The one teacher at this school has 2 rooms and 68 students ages 5 to 9 years. After the visit we were invited to a local home for tea and snacks. Another walk through the streets of Bhinder for shopping and mingling with the towns people who give us curious stares and many responsive smiles. The children crowd around us and are happy to practice their English words on us. Another enjoyable day in fascinating India.

Freda White 
DWC Participant 
India, October 2013

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