Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oct 22nd: Feeling at home in Bhinder

We have finished day 2 of our Water harvesting project. There is a cutoff wall about 3m deep made with rock and mortar being constructed in a small valley. When finished it will be about 2m above the ground to hold back seasonal rain. The water will percolate into the ground and help sustain 5 nearby wells. Our work is happy cooperation between all of us passing rock and mortar to the tradesmen working below. Our communication is limited but we understand and there is lots of laughter. It is fun to be in India with such a hard working group.

Foundation Ceremony - laying the first brick

This evening we walked from our hotel, the ‘Rajmahal’ and were received like rock stars. The kids and adults alike were friendly and eager to speak English. We happened upon our site engineer at his home with his lovely 1 year old daughter. Many people welcomed us and made us feel very at home in Bhinder. 

View of the Rajmahal Bhinder Hotel

Russ Carmichael
DWC Participant
India, October 2013

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