Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3rd: Camel Safari in the desert

We left camp at about 7:45. Tiji Devi blessed us with tikas. It was beautiful. So sad to leave, but happy to be have been there at all. I won't dwell on us leaving because I know I'll be back.

We drove to Pushkar. It took about four hours. We drove the windiest roads and I felt so carsick. Pushkar is lakeside and there is about one and a half kilometers of markets. We went for lunch and went window shopping.

We came back at 5 PM and embarked on our journey to the desert! The camels were so scary. I heard that they're mean and huck loogies at you, but no such thing happened. I wasn't too keen because of the whole animals being treated like crap and used just for people's pleasure, but sometimes you gotta go with the flow. It's still nice to be cognisant of what you're doing and the impact of others. Madan ji said they were malnourished, but healthier than the ones who pull carts (they need to be stronger to carry things on their backs). Anyway, we rode through the desert for about two hours. My camel's name was Rama. We saw pigs, blue cows, peacocks, antelopes, and monkeys! So cool. The sun was setting and it was beautiful. The hills kinda of looked like Kamloops haha. We got to the camp site and the men that lead the camels pitched tents for us. We ate dinner (dal, rice, curried potatoes, eggplant, ladyfingers, and gulab jamun) and drank masala chai. We goofed off and made about a billion light paintings. All the men thought we were cray-cray. Then we went to bed! I loved the whole thing. One of the highlights of my trip, for sure. 

Torry Harris
DWC Team Leader
India, May 2012

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