Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28th: Back to work

What's shakin'! Today was the usual: a little CTL (Construction, Tanning, Laundry). The mason went to a fair and was not coming to work so we had the whole site to ourselves! They work Saturday and Sunday, so it's a lot different than in Canada. We also went on a walk after work! Twice around the neighbourhood.

After our second shift at work we walked again and had our usual following of boys. We tried to ask them if they wanted to play soccer tomorrow, but they couldn't understand our Hindi. They speak Rajasthani. A couple of the words we could pick out; one of the boys was introducing his friend as "Stupid." Boys will be boys.

We're just winding down before bed now. Night!

Torry Harris
DWC Student Team Leader
Sikar, India: May 2012

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