Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26th: To Agra, and the Taj Mahal

We left Sikar at 7:30 and tuk tuked into town. We hopped a bus at 8:30! Arun came with us this weekend as well as Madan! It was Arun's first time to the Taj Mahal. So cool that we got to share this experience with him.

We got to Jaipur and waited for our bus that left at 1 PM for Agra. We got some drinks in a restaurant, basically using it as an excuse for the Air Con and a cleanish bathroom. A cockroach was just hanging out under one of the tables so decided to peace that scene!

People always ask us if we are from the French part of Canada. And I always get England. This man who called himself "Mr. India" and wore a very inappropriate shirt chatted us up outside the restaurant. It was hilarious. Then we left for Agra! The bus ride went by fast; it was about six hours. The girl sitting behind me started talking to me about our travels. She spoke English well. She was with her family visiting the mausoleum like us. The scenery driving to Agra was very desert-y. There were some small villages too.

The first thing I noticed about Agra was the heat (about 47 degrees) and the smog. We took a tuk tuk into town (it's three people to a rickshaw). They gave us adorable flower necklaces welcoming us to Agra :).
Our hotel was legit two minutes away from the Taj. We ate dinner and went to bed because it was too dark to walk safely outside. Our bathrooms had TP! So sad that that excites us here. There were a lot of monkeys on the roof so we weren't allowed up there. There were babies too!

Torry Harris

DWC Student Team Leader
Sikar, India: May 2012

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