Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11th: Cooking Lessons

Today we finished our first week of work. It feels good! There are more iron poles up, placed on the borders of the foundation creating the framework. There was no work for us to do this evening, but the women are going to give us a cooking lesson! We came home from work, showered and ate lunch and now are just hanging out. Some girls have tanned and done laundry. I fell asleep for like three hours. Whoops! I woke up just in time for tea.

Tomorrow morning we leave for the weekend to go to Jaipur. It is the capital (and the largest!) city of beautiful Rajasthan. We'll be going on elephant rides, shopping in markets as well as visiting monuments and temples. Madan is accompanying us.

I'm really digging the vegetarian diet here. I am going to see how long I can keep it up :)

Learning how to cook was so much fun! I loved it. First we took cut potatoes, chives, salt, and chili powder and mixed them together. Then we took bread and dipped it in water and pressed it down in our palms. We put the potato mixture in the middle of the bread and folded it up to make a ball. We then cooked those in boiling oil. They were so yum.
We also watched how chapati was made. They don't have an oven, but use like stove top burners that we would take camping and just toss it on the fire!

After Madan sat us down and told us about our weekend. He says we can wear our "funny clothes." We stay pretty covered up here at camp and in the small village of Sikar.

Update on the baby birds: the mom feels comfortable enough to feed them even when we are sitting in the dining room! 

Thanks for reading :).

Torry Harris
DWC Student Team Leader
Sikar, India: May 2012

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