Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 2011: Working on the project site

The team worked at the project site until noon, helping farmers haul rock, sand, prepared concrete, and water from a nearby creek. They also participated in concrete mixing and clearing away the final pieces of rock and dirt from bedrock. The dam was blessed with offerings of incense for fire, rock, air and water to Lord Shiva. Tools were also blessed, and all workers were marked on the forehead with red ochre, and given pieces of ceremonial coconut and soft chunks of raw sugar, which tasted like light molasses.

The volunteers worked hard and carefully with their new friends of India, demonstrating their commitment toward the project in muscle power as well as financially. It was far harder to leave the project today than the yesterday, owing to the strengthening camaraderie and joyful song and laughter on both sides.

The volunteers then had lunch and were given an in-depth overview of the many water catchment dams and water velocity reduction rock structures, by the concept developer, and expert in water hydrology in catchment zones, Dr. Manot. After the overview, we finished lunch, and jumped into the van to see the results for ourselves. The first development we visited was completed in 2000 and all farming families in this area are now self-sufficient.

Cam Grant
DWC Team Leader

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