Tuesday, March 31, 2009

India March 30,2009

India March 30/2009

Just to let everyone know that the India trip is turning out to be a big success but not without some challenges along the way. The internet line has been cut, which means access has been impossible, but we are keeping in touch by phone.
Trudie says ;
We spent a great morning touring the City Palace and wandering the streets in the "touristy" section of Udaipur. It is very quiet here or so it seems and we've have found it all very, very pleasant and not at all the frantic India we expected. Our hotel overlooks what remains of the great lake (severe droughts have taken their toll on the lake) and the summer palace in the centre.. Our hotel room has windows on two sides overlooking what remains of the lake and Lake Palace Hotel. We traded a TV for the view room which was a brilliant decision on our part! The food at the hotel has been absolutely wonderful!
Last night we had an amazing dinner on the roof watching the sunset and enjoying the cool breeze from the lake. And we definitely need a cool breeze now and then.
The weather here is hot, hot, HOT! Most days hit 36+C and the nights cool down to 20C. I'm taking advantage of the fan in our cool hotel room to do a bit of correspondence and avoid the heat of the afternoon. A bit later today I'm heading down to the nearby ghat (steps leading down to the lake) for some photos (I hope) of the washing ladies and then a few of us are taking a boat ride on the lake to catch sunset with the rosy light hitting the City Palace. Today is New Year's Day here in India so there will processions and celebrations tonight and tomorrow. Lucky us to be here for the festivities.

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D Nadeau said...

So glad to hear some news of your trip. More please!!